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Owner & President, Ergil Solorzano


Solar Landscaping & Tree Service (aka SOLAR) began in 1997 by Ergil Solorzano an experienced Landscaper and Tree Removal Expert who came from the landscape providing company Lancaster Landscapes™ with the hopes of providing Complete Landscaping Services but with his own ingenuity and passion driving it. The actual name was not given to Ergil's company until 1998 when one day at Remington™ the owner there continually referred to Ergil's company as "Solar" because his last name began with "Solor". After that day the name stuck and we proudly stand behind it. What began simply as a simple lawn mowing and tree service company quickly grew in reputation due to the quality of work. SOLAR to this day continues to provide quality work with more than competitive low prices. This is all thanks to the unrivaled leadership,integrity, and passion that stems down from the helm of the business.  

VA State Contractors License 

Federal Contractors

ISA Arborist

VA Fertilizer Application License

Pesticide Application License

Erosion and Sediment Control License

Porous Pave™ Certified



Our Story

Our Mission

At Solar Landscaping & Tree Service, our mission is simple: to design landscapes that preserve and protect nature.

Our Pledge

We here at Solar Landscaping & Tree Service pledge to treat you, our customer, with Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Individual Attention.